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ES: A(pple)ffection! 009 [Look Back 2/2] by EStories
Twilight Gets Hungry In Class by Eli-J-Brony
Rogue Diamond - Hearts and Hooves special by Pia-sama
The Temple of Bloom - Page 17 by XeviousGreenII
Canon Characters From Equestria PonyLandFULL
The Spark by Tsitra360
The Night Bringer by blueSpaceling
Princess Celestia by LimreiArt
Rainbow Power BonBon by Zekrom-9
Canon Characters From Equestria Pony Land 2
Princess Flurry Heart by Percy-McMurphy
Abrupt Academy by EmeraldBlast63
Rainbow Dash by VictoriaTheThing
Shim Shams 2: Shimmy Strikes Back by ThePossumface
Equestria Pony Land OCs
Chibi Request #3 by GlitterStar2000
Chibi Request #2 by GlitterStar2000
Friendly Poke by SukalaAP
Interview by AppleyChu
Equestria Pony Group - OCs With Canon Characters
New Foalsitter (HarmonyStar-v2 REQUEST) by SnakeyThingy
Oh, great! A visitor! by LadyAnaconda
Best Uncles in Equestria by Percy-McMurphy
Right Where I Belong by Percy-McMurphy
Equestria Pony Land Shipping - Canon x Canon
Aggressive Flirtation by Percy-McMurphy
Something simple by Audrarius
Come Here You! by SpellboundCanvas
One Huge Letter For My Little Special One by MeAndMyIdeas
Equestria Pony Land Shipping - OC x Canon
Art Trade I Goodnight Snuggles by GoldenHeart25
Two Lovely Unicorns - Commission by SukalaAP
Happy Valentine and Hearts and Hooves Day 2017 by AndoAnimalia
Original: Alice's Dream by EStories
Equestria Pony Land Shipping - OC x OC
Aire and Shifting Gear by 7die
PC Leveldasher by SaturnStar14
Lovelove Kiss by Ipun
Commission: Sapphire and Greenflame by EvanRank
Equestria Girls Human Shipping-Canon x Canon
.:Nice to meet you:. by FJ-C
Face Time by dm29
Free To Be...You And Me by CloudDG
DisPie in the Sky by Zabchan
Equestria Girls Humans Shipping - OC x Canon
(Commission) Silent Mic training Sonata by Toyminator900
Equestria Girls Humans Shippings - OC x OC
Hey There by Darkprincess8
Canon Characters From Equestria Girls Humans
Applejack Desktop By Samuel Shelton 2017 by CherryPod
Equestria Girls Human OCs
MLP EQ: Start of a School Year by AnimeEmm
Equestria Girls Group-OCs With Canon Characters
EQG: Key Wisdom Helps Out by REMcMaximus
MLP G1 Canon Human Characters
Megan! by Trainerfairy
Group Pics Canon n OCs -Human With Ponies
Equestria Girls OC - Star Charmer by teddy-beard
My Little Pony FIM meme by HowXu
MLP Emote Twilight Sparkle Early Morning Wake Up by Burning-Heart-Brony
Stamps and Buttons
Tree Hugger X Sunburst by HuskyRBTorchick
Rarity Gif - 02 by CyanLightning
MLP Related Tutorials
Let's Draw: Pony Wings! Tutorial #3 by SorcerusHorserus
MLP Fashion Clothing
Your order, please? (MLP Fanart)[SPEEDPAINT] by Cloud-Drawings
Cutie Marks n Symbols n background etc
G3 Moondancer Cutie Mark by AnScathMarcach
Ask me Pictures Both OCs and Canons
Ask-Lucia #69 by animevampiregirl25
It`s Me.... Snuffy!!!! by snuffy-art


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1. Be Nice to other members & respect their art and opinions.

2. NO Hate Art.

3. NO Photos of toys, plushies, sculptures (this rule is even for home made stuff).

4. Adoptions/Auctions/Breedables are NOT Allowed.

5. NO Porn (like vaginas and dicks).

6. NO Vore & NO Inflations & NO visible Nipples. Sexy Art can be allowed as long its no apperances of "dicks/penises", "vaginas or nipples" is visible.

7. NO 18+Art allowed but the group accepts "snuggle/cuddle romantic & sexy pictures as long its not be 18+ art. (i dont have anything against 18+ but sometimes can be a bit extreme)..

8. NO "my little felicia" art allowed in this group.

9. NO Journals unless its fan fics.

10. NO reviews allowed.

11. Commission Prices/sheets are no longer allowed into the gallery.

12. Genderbends of Canon characters counts as OCs UNLESS the genderbend has been shown in the show. This goes BOTH for Canon Ponies and Canon Humans.

If you wondering over something then just ask^^
just saw it now that :iconfictiontolife:'s account says it deactivated but i cant find any journals or info about it yet =/ anyone here that now?
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floravola Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hum, sorry I clicked a bit fast and you accepted my dragon comic (Rage of elements page 77) in your group
Would you mind removing it ? xD
It doesn't really fit for a pony group x)
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Seriff-Pilcrow Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2017
Is SFM allowed here?
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ShimmeringDewdrops Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Would song lyrics based on a MLP episode be okay to submit to the fan fiction section here, perhaps?
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Firefly-Frost Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2017  Student Digital Artist
What's my little felicia?
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